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Overview of CSI Research Themes

Overview of CSI Research Themes

Computer Science is the study of algorithmic processes that describe and transform information. In a nutshell, Computer Scientists are trying to answer the following question: how can we efficiently and accurately automate tasks using computers? Our academic staff and researchers have made many important research contributions to this broad field. Our accomplishments are focussed around the following research themes:

  • Knowledge Discovery: This theme deals with the application of machine learning techniques and other sophisticated algorithmic solutions to research in the sciences, industry and finance, extending to modelling and visualisation of phenomena.
  • Language and Cognition: This theme focuses on the modelling of cognitive phenomena relating to speech and language processing.
  • Software and Systems Engineering: This theme deals with the design and construction of large scale, distributed and embedded software systems, including sensor, autonomic and pervasive systems.
  • Networks and Distributed Systems: This theme focuses on the design and optimisation of networks and distributed systems, including multimedia networking, mobile systems, and high-performance heterogeneous distributed systems.

Our Research Profiles provide some concrete examples of research outputs from these themes.

See also our list of Research Projects, Research Groups, Publications and Technical Reports.