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This page contains the latest versions of the CSI undergraduate and postgraduate timetables.

While every effort is made to keep these timetables current, please consult the official UCD timetable on SISWeb which contains all up to date information.

To view the timetable for any module on SISWeb:
- Sign in to SISWeb -
- Select “Faculty Services” -> “Timetables” -> “Module Timetable Search”
- Input a module code, e.g. COMP30490, and the weekly timetable is presented.
CS-Postgrad-NL Stream Timetable 2015-2016-v4.xlsx43.61 KB
CS-Postgrad-MSc(Conv) 2015-2016-v4.pdf111.05 KB
CS-Undergrad-TT-2015-2016-Semester-1-v3.pdf231.73 KB
CS-Undergrad-TT-2015-2016-Semester-2-v2.pdf223.62 KB