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Fourth Year Project List

Fourth Year Project List


The list of UCD CSI Final Year Project Proposals 2016-17.

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IDTitlesort iconSupervisorLecturerPrearranged
38360 Identify hot research topics using Google ScholarPádraig CunninghamPádraig CunninghamNo
38031#EntertainMeTony VealeTony VealeNo
38029#GuideMeTony VealeTony VealeNo
38030#HelpMeTony VealeTony VealeNo
382222D strategy game with fog of warArthur CaterArthur CaterYes
38366A Graphical Designer for the Development of Forensic-Ready SystemsLiliana PasqualeLiliana PasqualeNo
38455A Personal Trainer Android Application for Lower-body Weightlifting ExercisesPádraig CunninghamPádraig CunninghamYes
38090A Theorem Proving Assistant 2016Henry McLoughlinHenry McLoughlinYes
38454A Voice-Controlled User Interface for Gamification of Pronunciation TrainingJulie BerndsenJulie BerndsenYes
38367Adaptive Privacy Management in Online Social NetworksLiliana PasqualeLiliana PasqualeNo
38269AdHarvesterBrian Mac NameeBrian Mac NameeNo
38410Agent-Oriented StarcraftRem CollierRem CollierNo
38220Analysis of Media Coverage around Controversial IssuesMuhammad Atif Q...Derek GreeneNo
38320Android Message Diffusion Over Link Layer Protocols Damien MagoniJohn MurphyNo
38430Apply Deep Belief Network for High-dimensional Anomaly Detection in Network SecurityNhien An Le KhacNhien An Le KhacYes
38268Augmented Reality ScalextricBrian Mac NameeBrian Mac NameeNo
38213Automating the usage of source code plagiarism checkersANDRES OMAR POR...John MurphyNo
38409Building Agent ProgramsRem CollierRem CollierNo
38347Calorie Estimator AppPádraig CunninghamPádraig CunninghamNo
38295Characterising enzymes by Machine LearningGianluca PollastriGianluca PollastriNo
38266Conversational Recommendation for the Rental Property DomainArjumand YounusMichael O'MahonyNo
38192Creating and Exploring Movie Genres through Text AnalyticsJacek WasilewskiNeil HurleyNo
38140Cybercrime Investigation simulator for Virtual RealityPavel GladyshevAbey CampbellNo
38196Data Analytics for Sustainable Global Supply ChainsEleni ManginaEleni ManginaYes
38297Deep learning land use of the EarthGianluca PollastriGianluca PollastriNo
38091Digital Humanitarians: Managing TB via a Mobile AppEleni ManginaEleni ManginaYes
38258Dynamic Travel Time EstimationGavin McArdleGavin McArdleNo
38321Explaining RecommendationsName (not verified)Aonghus LawlorNo
38139Exploring the HTML / WWW through VR – Case study A VR library generated using Wikipedia.Eleni ManginaAbey CampbellYes
38478Forensic Disk Image Reconstruction from Deduplicated Data StorageMark ScanlonMark ScanlonNo
38093Gamifying JavaEleni ManginaEleni ManginaNo
38223General Game PlayerArthur CaterArthur CaterYes
38262Geo-News Aggregator Gavin McArdleGavin McArdleNo
38361Gesture Recogniser for Digits using Deep Convolution NetworksGuénolé SilvestreGuénolé SilvestreNo
38221Green Receipt ManagerChristina ThorpeLiam MurphyNo
38265GroupSyncMel Ó CinnéideMel Ó CinnéideNo
38517Growing Music With L­SystemsChris BleakleyChris BleakleyYes
38264Helping HandMel Ó CinnéideMel Ó CinnéideYes
38228Histogram-based Counterforensics of Digital ImagesFélix BaladoFélix BaladoNo
38267Horse Riding BuddyMel Ó CinnéideMel Ó CinnéideNo
38261How Busy is Dublin? Building a Busyness IndexGavin McArdleGavin McArdleNo
38362Image to Latex using Sequence to Sequence Learning Neural Networks with Attention Guénolé SilvestreGuénolé SilvestreNo
38407Importing Swagger Defined APIs into AjenRem CollierRem CollierYes
38227Integer-to-integer full-frame image transformsFélix BaladoFélix BaladoNo
38117Investigating 3D perspective transforms with current state of the art image feature descriptorsEvan O KeeffeEleni ManginaNo
38092ITS development for ChemInteractiveEleni ManginaEleni ManginaNo
38225Learning to play WolfensteinArthur CaterArthur CaterYes
38259Local News Content Disambiguation and FilteringBichen ShiGeorgiana IfrimNo
38234Meteor Web Application for PDF Document GenerationDamien MagoniLiam MurphyNo
38263Mining Storylines from Annotated NewsGevorg PoghosyanGeorgiana IfrimNo
38343Multi-Review SummarisationRuihai DongBarry SmythNo
38344On-line Summarization of Time Series DocumentsRuihai DongBarry SmythYes
38256Optimising Collaborative Recommendation using Genetic AlgorithmsMichael O'MahonyMichael O'MahonyNo
38229Parallel Genetic Algorithm for Test Case GenerationAnthony VentresqueAnthony VentresqueNo
38194Parallel k-shortest pathNeil HurleyNeil HurleyNo
38230Parallelization of Data Partitioning Algorithms for Performance and Energy on a Modern Multicore CPURavindranath Re...No
38515Parallelized Approximate Matching Techniques for Rapid Forensic Artefact Discovery in Large Scale CorporaMark ScanlonMark ScanlonNo
38224Pathfinding gameArthur CaterArthur CaterYes
38451Performance Testing of Large-scale Distributed SystemsAnthony VentresqueAnthony VentresqueNo
38270PhoneTrackerBrian Mac NameeBrian Mac NameeNo
38226Prediction of Probabilities in Sporting EventsFélix BaladoFélix BaladoYes
38390PromptMe: A Personalisable Speech Interface for Conversation PromptingJulie BerndsenJulie BerndsenNo
38195Recommendations using Comparison SetsNeil HurleyNeil HurleyNo
38345Running AppPádraig CunninghamPádraig CunninghamNo
38365Scalable crime analysisLiliana PasqualeLiliana PasqualeNo
38260Scaling up the Insight4News Analytics PlatformGevorg PoghosyanGeorgiana IfrimNo
38232SDN-based home area network managerCristian OlariuLiam MurphyNo
38801Server Performance TrawlerDamian DaltonDamian DaltonNo
38319Simulating IoT sensors in NS3Cristian OlariuJohn MurphyNo
38408SmartFridge: Food Regulation and monitoring software for Android/IOSRem CollierRem CollierYes
38625Storage and manipulation of archaeological dataMichela BertolottoMichela BertolottoNo
38296Structural classification of proteins by Artificial Neural NetworksGianluca PollastriGianluca PollastriNo
38359Tamagotchi Game for iOSGuénolé SilvestreGuénolé SilvestreYes
38193Text Classification as a ServiceDerek GreeneDerek GreeneNo
38431Timetable Management and OptimisationAnthony VentresqueAnthony VentresqueNo
38231Towards Deeper Understanding of Optimization of Performance and Energy of Data-Parallel ApplicationsRavindranath Re...No
38255Trust in Recommender Systems Michael O'MahonyMichael O'MahonyNo
38114Values Tracking AppChris BleakleyChris BleakleyYes

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