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Course Information

Course Information


Some key dates for the current academic year can be found here. Most modules will have 2 lectures per week.

Over the year you should take 9 modules (45 credits) with the remaining credits being allocated to the project. As a general rule, you should try to take five modules in the first semester and four in the second. Also, you should think about the number of modules that you take which are heavily reliant on coursework. You will start working on your project from the first Semester. You should also be aware that your final year project is worth 15 credits (equivalent of 3 modules). Submission of these projects and the presentations will take place during the study period in March. To get a good mark, it is very important that you begin working on the project as soon as possible and keep in regular contact with your supervisor.


A timetable is available. This timetable contains ALL classes that are given in the School facilities.

Exams Information

All first-semester units will be examined during the Christmas examination period. Be sure to keep the revision and examination weeks free!

To get past papers for your courses, you can use the UCD Student Information System.