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Access to Network

Access to Network


Wired Network:

To access the network via the wired (cabled) network, you must register your machine. You can register your machine for cable network access by completing this Computing Services form.
Note: Servers must be registered under a staff member's name.

Wireless Network:

Two wireless networks are available within the Computer Science buildings.
These are:

UCD Wireless - Accessible by all Staff, Students, and Visitors. More details on how to access this network are available on the UCD IT Services website.

Eduroam The School is a pilot in a new wireless service from UCD IT Services. The service is called Eduroam, and will provide more services over wireless. Information on using Eduroam can be found at 

If you need any assistance with configuring Eduroam please email

Note that, as this is a pilot programme, service may be interrupted from time to time. Your feedback on this service is important, please reply to the above address with any comments you may have.


 All network access is subject to the IT Services Acceptable Use Policy. Please read this, and check out the CSI Security Guidelines here.

In particular, pleae ensure that any Peer to Peer file sharing software is disabled before connecting to any UCD network.


Network FAQ

 A list of frequently asked questions when dealing with networking: