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The business of computer science

 Having surveyed a good number of this year's fourth year projects, I'm led to wonder where we see ourselves with respect to Applied Software Engineering.  There were many projects based around Apps, with purposes that were, frankly ill-contrived.  The students duly researched and hooked up the various bits of technology required, MySQL and Javascript and Ruby all over the place. Good for them.  But surely our business as computer scientists is not writing Apps, but writing applications that make Apps.  We have other businesses to attend to, for sure.  But the creation of computational means of meeting human needs should be an important goal.

Posterous will organize your life

 Posterous is a company that provide free blogging and group software. Ok, so there's lots of this kind of thing around.  Unlike many such services, I have found posterous to be simple and useful.  Here is a quick example of how incredibly useful this can be:

[1] Create a posterous account (quick and easy.

[2] Create a site for storing papers you read (mine is

The Sound of Sorting

 Anybody teaching sorting algorithms ought to spend 90 seconds watching this video.  Sonification of the techniques, with appropriate graphics, makes the differences between algorithms immediately apparent.  And it is beautiful.


From user Andrut (via Boing Boing)

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