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 For 10 weeks this summer I did a Research internship under the ODCSS programme. My project title was "Assessing the Authoritativeness of Sources on Wikipedia", and it basically entailed creating an algorithm which would automatically rank Wikipedia pages as good or bad.

If you'd like to know more about it, I've written a wrap-up of the internship over at my blog.

WikiGolf Source Code

WikiGolf Source Code

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I’m posting the source code for the WikiGolf game that I submitted for my Software Engineering Project II module. My team was called “The Channel 4 News Team” and we spend about 5 weeks doing this. I outlined the concept for the game in my previous post, but heres a quick rundown. Its a WikiGolf Graph Traversal Game:

WikiGolf Graph Traversal Game

 That sounds like a fun game doesn’t it? Well that was our project description for our Software Engineering Project module.

Predictive Text assignment

I'm now on Spring Break. Two lovely weeks off..... To catch up on college study.
Just before we broke for Spring Break, we were given our end of year assignment for the Data Structures & Algorithms II module. We have to create a predictive text system, much like the T9 dictionary you'll find on your phone. 
We were given ready made code for the keyboard, and how to input data into the keyboard, and we had to use that input to create a predicative text system. When I saw the project outline I started to get excited. This is, what I could call, our first proper programming project. Last year we had the Alice assignment, which kind of fell flat.

Back in Action

First week back after the Christmas break and the exam results are out. I got a GPA of 3.53 out of 4.2. It isn't quite what I'd hoped for, but I guess I'll just have to work harder this semester to bring it up.

Now that I'm starting a new semester I've got a batch of 6 new modules which I'll do my usual little report on.


A mixed bag

This week has definitely been a mixed bag. So lets start with the good stuff. 

Work, Work, Work

My word! The work is starting to pile up. I've just handed in my first assignment for the year and I'm just about to start working on a programming practical. I know it doesn't seem like an awful lot. But its really starting to come in thick and fast. I suppose this week seems worse as the code for the programming practical is taking hours to run. But still, the point remains, there's lots of work to be done.

Getting a feel

Now that I've had two weeks of lectures & practicals in my modules, I think I'm in a better position to give you a quick run down of them.

Data Structures & Algorithms I

First Week Back

Well here I am back in college, just starting 2nd year. I'm all registered and back into the swing of things. Though for the week before I started back in college I was a peer mentor and orientation guide. Without boring you with the two days worth of training I got for it :P Here's the quick overview.
Orientation Guide - Help the incoming first years find their way around the college, answer questions, and give tours.


Since my First Year reults just came out I thought I'd take 10minutes out of my summer holidays to post about them.

Overall I'm happy with them and seen as I've already posted them on and my website I see no reason not to post them here.

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