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Theoretical Results for Data Partitioning for Parallel Matrix Multiplication on Three Fully Connected Heterogeneous Processors, Ashley DeFlumere; Alexey Lastovetsky , (2014) Abstract
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Potential utility of docking to identify protein-peptide binding regions, Waqasuddin Khan; Fergal Du; Gianluca Pollastri; Denis C. Shields; Catherine Mooney , (2013) Abstract
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Pairwise Interaction Field Neural Networks For Drug Discovery, Alessandro Lusci; Gianluca Pollastri , (2013) Abstract
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Synthetic Data Generation using Benerator Tool, Vanessa Ayala-Rivera; Patrick McDonagh; Thomas Cerqueus; Liam Murphy , (2013) Abstract
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An Analysis of Natural Computing Publication Venues, Michael O'Neill , (2012) Abstract
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A New Neural Network Ranker to Evaluate Protein Structure Predictions, Davide Bau; Gianluca Pollastri , (2012) Abstract
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Template-based Recognition of Natively Disordered Regions in Proteins, Alessandro Vullo; Cliona P.Roche; Gianluca Pollastri , (2012) Abstract
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A Characterization of Wikipedia Content Based on Motifs in the Edit Graph , Guangyu Wu; Martin Harrigan; Padraig Cunningham , (2011)
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A Spectral Co-Clustering Approach for Dynamic Data, Derek Greene; Pádraig Cunningham , (2011) Abstract
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Dynamic environments can speed up evolution with Genetic Programming, Michael O’Neill; Miguel Nicolau; Anthony Brabazon , (2011) Abstract
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Dynamic Ant: Introducing a new benchmark for Genetic Programming in Dynamic Environments, David Fagan; Miguel Nicolau; Erik Hemberg; Michael O’Neill; Anthony Brabazon , (2011) Abstract
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High-Level Data Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous Hierarchical HPC Platforms, Brett A. Becker , (2011) Abstract
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Identifying Representative Textual Sources in Blog Networks, Karen Wade, Derek Greene; Conrad Lee; Daniel Archambault; Pádraig Cunningham , (2011) Abstract
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Interactive Operators for Evolutionary Architectural Design, Jonathan Byrne; Erik Hemberg; Michael O’Neill , (2011) Abstract
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Tracking the Evolution of Communities in Dynamic Social Networks, Derek Greene; Donal Doyle; Pádraig Cunningham , (2011) Abstract
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ThemeCrowds: Multiresolution Summaries of Twitter Usage, Daniel Archambault; Derek Greene; John Hannon; Pádraig Cunningham; Neil Hurley , (2011) Abstract
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Theoretical Results on Optimal Partitoning for Matrix-Matrix Multiplication with Two Processors, Ashley DeFlumere; Alexey Lastovetsky , (2011) Abstract
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A multi-granular 3D spatial-temporal model tailored to environmental and geographic areas monitoring, Elena Camossi; Michela Bertolotto , (2010)
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Distortion as a Validation Criterion in the Identification of Suspicious Reviews, Guangyu Wu; Derek Greene; Barry Smyth; Pádraig Cunningham , (2010) Abstract
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Does TripAdvisor Makes Hotels Better?, Padraig Cunningham; Barry Smyth; Guangyu Wu; Derek Greene , (2010) Abstract
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Is it Over Yet? Learning to Recognize Good News in Financial Media, Anthony Brew; Derek Greene; Pádraig Cunningham , (2010) Abstract
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Score Normalization and Aggregation for Active Learning in Multi-label Classification, Mohan Singh; Anthony Brew; Derek Greene; Padraig Cunningham , (2010) Abstract
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Spectral Co-Clustering for Dynamic Bipartite Graphs, Derek Greene; Pádraig Cunningham , (2010)
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Active Learning for Multi-Label Image Annotation, Mohan Singh; Eoin Curran; Padraig Cunningham , (2009) Abstract
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An Analysis of Current Trends in CBR Research Using Multi-View Clustering, Derek Greene; Jill Freyne; Barry Smyth; Pádraig Cunningham , (2009) Abstract
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